Young people from small things such as buying a house in Beijing ricky lee neely

Young people from the little things such as buying a house in Beijing [Abstract] "small Jian Lin, one giant leap for mankind" may not know Wang one hundred million for young people what it means, but Xiaobian know what that means 1 million house effort, this is not difficult. When the richest man needs to start from the little things such as the first to earn one hundred million days before Wang Jianlin visit "Lu Yu", not only led Lu Yu into the dining hall for the first time visit Wanda, open a private plane carrying Lu Yu travel together, is stunned. Wang Jianlin said, want to do the richest man is right, but it is best to set a small target can be achieved." In the program, when it comes to "how big is the heart, is it right?"" This topic, Wang Jianlin said the heart and the stage is a gradual process of amplification. A lot of students came up to say to do the richest man, but do not even know what to do, there is this idea, want to do the world’s largest, want to do the best in the world. "But it’s best to set a small goal that can be achieved, for example, if I earn one hundred million first. Do you think you can make one hundred million in a few years?. You are planning five or three years, it should be up to the next, we say the next goal, I ran to the 1 billion, the 10 billion, the next year, the next one hundred million." Young people want to start from the trivial, such as the purchase of a house in Beijing has also led to a shortage of housing inventory decline, since mid August fell to less than 60 thousand sets, so far still maintain this low level. Deputy general manager of Asian high Ren Qixin analysis, due to insufficient supply of nearly one stage into the city project "fast selling" phenomenon, and even the emergence of "daylight" and sign also significantly speeds up, this phenomenon also makes the new inventory showing the "Kuaijinkuaichu" state, it is difficult to form a real "stock" as a result of the Beijing residential inventory data started at low levels. After the fast selling has become the Beijing property market normal just how to buy the heart small house over all the houses in Beijing rational comparison, small decisions to Amway several hot plate concern, whether you are holding what kind of attitude, or is self occupied or investment, think small malicious call advertising or is true, small have Amway. Page second: Langfang New World Center (real estate information), the average price of 9700 yuan, Langfang, Jianshe Road and Edmonton East Road intersection, Tel: 400-819-1111 611223. Page third: Yongding River (British palace peacock City real estate data, the average price of 15000 yuan), Guan (Guan on the west side of the wide high-speed export), Tel: 400-819-1111 611018. Page fourth: with · (real estate information); kylin mansion, the lowest 1 million yuan, Yizhuang No. 1 Majuqiao bridge 800 meters, Tel: 400-819-1111 706716. Page fifth: the first · Sheng Plaza (real estate information), the average price of 25000 yuan, 1500 meters north of Shunyi District island of Wolong, Tel: 400-819-1111 619888. Sixth page: Xu Hui, 26 blocks (real estate information), the average price of $1 million 300 thousand sets, South France letter subway station 300 meters south, Tel: 408相关的主题文章: