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Zen Poetry Appreciation: on the top of the Han Shan cold on the top of the top of the Tang Shan Gu Gu Shan Han Shan on the top of the arc – see a clear sky, no matter. Natural precious priceless treasure, buried in the five Yin female body. [Wen Deyi] China in appreciation of literary history of the Tang Dynasty, Han Shan is a very mysterious character, mysterious to we don’t even know what his name is, do not know his true identity, only through his poems have a general understanding of him. He wrote lots of poems from the point of view, his teenage life in Changan, was born in an official family, good living. About 30 years old, because of repeated imperial failure, coupled with the family conflicts, as well as the influence of the rebellion, he was forced to leave Changan, wandering, finally retreated in the cold mountain (the streets of the town of cold rock and Ming Yan now Zhejiang province Tiantai County), where he spent dozens of years, finally died there. This is his first two. Hanshan is on top of a moon alone in the sky, the bright moonlight, the stars seem to disappear, all without a clear sky. The clear and empty night and the moon, the poet Lenovo to Zen buddha. Since people have clean, empty, as the night sky; human heart clear moon, light and everything. Originally, all have the pure, is Buddha, the Buddha and why not? After the poem style, the effect is very regrettable, people with priceless natural – Buddha, "five Yin" has been buried, indulge in the flesh hard to find. The five Yin is "color, reception, thought, action, knowledge". The color is in the adult physical substance, is caused by the senses by Yun Yun to the passions of emotion, imagery, sankhara is the will, in general sense. People born, from body to spirit began to accumulate, to accept a variety of external knowledge and information, ideas, and these things in the original cover has layers of self, and slowly put the self bury. The man lost the most precious self clean birthright, but let the stuff in a horrible mess of the soul, give people countless troubles and pain. The poet felt deeply regret and regret, but helpless.相关的主题文章: