Zhaodong woman stabbed the landlady from the 6 floor dead girl had been suffering from mental illnes haywire

Zhaodong woman stabbed the landlady from the 6 floor dead girl had been suffering from mental illness in the District 16 days morning 9 pm reporter once again came to the scene, the district has restored to its silence, in front of the baby falls unit location is still can see clear blood, corridor walls, floor, handrails on the body can see the left female homeowner after injury blood mark. A neighbor of the building, 19 am ready to go downstairs to hear some noise upstairs, and then a woman shouted, come ah! Come to man!" At that time, it was thought that there was a neighbor quarrel so did not care, and a little later to go home, only to know that such a tragic thing happened. In the incident on the left side of the wall 601, there are a few words with a knife to draw up, the above said, Liu Moumou death room other days, the words. "I didn’t see these words before, but I didn’t know who wrote it for revenge this morning. The father of the baby girl. Incident area, my wife and I have been married for nearly two years, his wife is 24 years old, who lives in Bayan, her daughter has just more than 9 months. This house is my mother-in-law, the house is a room and a half. Just a few days ago, one of the rooms rented to a 28 year old woman, I heard that she had just divorced, also had surgery." However, this woman is to do the next thing that the family can not say anything. "The 13 day I go to work in the field, 14, my wife holding a child came to mother-in-law home for the holidays, more than 8 at night when suddenly my wife calls, said the child was dead, he was stabbed." Suddenly the news to let by Mr. suddenly feel unable to understand and accept, 15 early in the morning, hurried back from the field in Harbin. The wife and the wife learned that, holding the child and the woman in the house rent, rental woman said he had just finished a divorce, abortion, finish the month moved here. "She asked my wife, husband and wife was good, I say, she asked the wife to mobile phone text messages to her, then don’t know why the rental woman picked up the scissors stabbed his wife’s body, all my wife can only break away, went downstairs to call for help. When his wife returned home to listen to the neighbor said the upstairs threw a thing, and later found that the floor was thrown down is our children." Speaking of the time, by the very sad. According to by Mr., the daughter of the autopsy results show the head, chest, back multiple scissors Pierce, his death. That night, the police in a nearby hotel to rent a daughter arrested, but the police said the woman had a history of mental illness, the case is under further investigation. "I was crawling out from her, barefoot ran downstairs, then the head body is blood, I went downstairs to go to the supermarket, then go to pharmacies by phone, call my mother, my mother came back to the front of the unit, has found the child lying on the ground…… I don’t know if she’s insane. I don’t know why she did it." The incident has occurred in two days, Ms. Parker’s tragedy always linger in her mind, lingering. The woman suspects have been arrested outside the Public Security Bureau of major team, the case is under further review.相关的主题文章: