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Zhejiang officials for disaster relief support as "being free photographer apology (Figure) – the official micro-blog" Taishun education "photo Taishun County Bureau of education Sohu news netizens on the Internet today at 3 pm news release, finance chief" respond in the countryside to guide disaster relief road was helped in a field of insurance staff for the Bureau, decided to remove the packet order of Weixian County Department of Education Department of finance chief duties. Micro-blog is as follows: September 16th, Taishun WeChat, micro-blog and other media friends circle of friends on the County Board of education staff (a negative public opinion of the staff in the countryside insurance staff to guide disaster relief way by the presence of the arm). County Education Bureau Party committee in the first time to start the emergency response program to quickly verify the truth and to clarify the work. In view of the public opinion has caused great negative impact on the rescue and relief work, the county education bureau Party Committee immediately convened an emergency meeting of the Weixian County Education Bureau decided to remove the package ordered the Department of finance chief positions, and organize personnel to carry out investigation work. Next, the county education bureau Party committee will deploy the education system flood relief and public opinion to deal with the work, as soon as possible to restore the county’s normal school education and teaching order. The Taishun Education Bureau had screenshot micro-blog news: Wenzhou news client news: Taishun County Bureau of Education Department of finance chief Bao Xuwei today is "red", WeChat, micro-blog and other platforms are forwarding a about his photos. Taishun severely affected during the typhoon, and the network transmission packet Xuwei was carried to inspect the disaster photos, some users become the object of attack. The reporter contacted the parties and Xuwei afternoon package for the picture of Hu Liming, know the circumstances. Around 2:15 this afternoon, Hu Liming issued a special statement in its WeChat circle of friends". A picture caused many users to comment on "trouble" is a picture of such a picture, two people wearing a white shirt with a man wearing a plaid shirt walking around the mud and water. There was a man in a light colored T-shirt on his side, with a red package in his hands, towards them. On the left side of the picture, there is another man in a white shirt. In addition to plaid shirt, the remaining three individuals wearing wellies. Many netizens forwarded directly to the photo and comment on the criticism, wearing a plaid shirt, "Taishun people misconduct disaster scene graph, a leader", "Wenzhou County of Taishun City, leading to the disaster area is such a disaster, friends should get him a chair to sit to the disaster area", "Taishun County Education Council leader Bao Xuwei, the scene let people carrying out!" The appearance of the Taishun Bureau of education, the situation is so serious, but also put on airs, etc.. In a criticism of the voices, there are users who have different views, is not like the picture, my husband in the back, he said that this is really wronged." Some netizens quickly "human" wearing a plaid shirt, the identity of Taishun County Bureau of education package Xuwei (online is written in the "Bao Xuwei"): the parties was to understand the disaster on the package Xuwei is chief of the Education Bureau of Taishun County Department of finance, previously in Taishun in two, third worked when.相关的主题文章: