Zhengzhou junior high school students ride the red light into the fracture (Figure) lara fabian

Zhengzhou junior high school students ride the red light into the fracture (Figure) riding a red light two junior high school students into the fracture – reporter Tian Yuchen Ventura yesterday morning at 7:20 PM, near the Zhengzhou West Sanhuan Road intersection with Qinhe, riding electric car with the students on learning a junior high school student, was knocked down by a car in the right leg fracture. According to eyewitnesses, 2 junior high school students ran a red light, only to cause the accident. Currently, the police are still investigating the cause of the accident. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw at the scene, a red car parked in front of the northwest corner of the intersection, there is a clear impact on the front right side of the front. From the front of about 3 meters, an electric car fell to the ground, the car rear seat back off, before the basket has been deformed, the car basket filled with a red raincoat and a bag, next to the ground and did not have time to drink 2 cups of Soybean Milk. Sanitation workers Master Lee said that when the incident, he was near cleaning, witnessed the whole process of the incident. He said, at that time, the intersection is a red light, two little girls riding an electric car across the road from the west. Then, a car was along the route East Qinhe River to the north and turn right, "in the zebra, the car and the little girl met, two little girl lying on the ground". He said that the driver is a 20 year old woman, after the accident, the woman quickly get off to see, and dial 120 and 110.相关的主题文章: